What Killed Chilvary?

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Well, to be honest, that was quite the misleading title. Chivalry isn’t dead, but it’s sure as hell on life support. Where has this noble act of common courtesy gone? Who is killing chivalry? But, more importantly, how can we bring it back?

Ok people, I want to get this across to everyone. CHIVALRY IS NOT SOMETHING GUYS DO ONLY TO GIRLS. Chivalry is a polite gesture or action to an individual other than yourself. The thing is, we have transformed chivalry into this clusterf*** of how men should treat “a lady”, and how “a lady” deserves respect. No, I’m sorry, that’s not how the world works. Why would I give you my respect if you haven’t earned it?

Chivalry dates back to the medieval ages where it was an act of a noble to reach knighthood. This is why chivalry is perceived to be charming and what not. But why is it dying? There is a great line that I once saw, and is also on my myspace page, which couldn’t give a more accurate reason. Quite simply:

Chivalry is dying simply because women don’t appreciate it.

Now, let me remind you, that line is from someone else’s mouth, not mine. But, I do believe that most women have come to take advantage of chivalry. Now, I’m not saying every woman in the world, but just a good portion of women. We, as society, have become comfortable to the fact of men giving women the utmost respect. But, for what reason? Yes, I don’t know either.

I’m going to be honest, I don’t give women any more respect than I would give a man. This is where the REAL chivalry comes into play. I don’t just help women carrying things, I don’t just open doors for women….it’s a polite gesture that I do for EVERYONE. It’s not limited to gender. And to be honest, I have met some women that don’t exactly prove a proper “lady”, but am still chivalrous just because it is a kind gesture.

Now, onto the subject. What is killing chivalry? A whole factor of things are. We can begin with men. Nowadays, some men believe that chivalry is a thing of the past. They believe that chivalry is for, and I quote, “the old timers and guys that can’t get dates so they be nice to them instead.” Some men even go as far as chauvinism and believe that women are inferior to men! Oh, how foolish these single-minded animals are. Women, I personally want to apologize for men like this to walk the earth. They give me, and just about every other man out there a reason to shame our gender. Their closed-mindedness and attitude is only comparable to a high school jock who’s cheerleader girlfriend just broke up with him. They are immature and ignorant, these men cannot possibly more wrong on the subject.

Another reason, Radical Feminist Extremists. Oh God…Even hearing the word “feminist” makes me cringe. I’ll write about this group of manly ladies in another article. But, they are a REAL threat to chivalry. Feminist Extremists really do want to put an end to chivalry. For those of you who don’t know, they are the Empresses(or should I say Emperors so they don’t get mad?) of feminism and universal suffrage. These women say that we are both completely equal. And, believe it or not, they are OFFENDED by the act of chivalry! I once opened up a door for a feminist, no joke, and she bluntly said to me, “I can open myself”. ARE YOU SERIOUS? No shit! I know you can open it yourself, I’m being polite. Embrace it.

Last, but not least, boys with divorced parents usually live with the mother. There is no masculine, dominant, father figure always around to insure the boy has masculine and chivalrous properties.

As you can see, a whole bunch of things are plotting chivalry’s demise. Now, remember that chivalry isn’t a thing for girls. That’s it’s common misconception. When a man opens a door for another man, it’s polite. When a man opens a door for a woman, it’s polite. Can’t you see? Chivalry is nothing more than being nice to one another…..and it’s dying, rather quickly.

It’s up to you people! Help revive and nourish chivalry to it’s full capacity!


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