WoW Armorsmithing Guide : A World of Warcraft Trade Skill Specialization

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Armorsmithing is one of the trade skill specializations available to blacksmiths in World of Warcraft. Like all other trade skill specializations in the game, a player who wants his character to become an armorsmith must complete one or more quests before an armorsmithing trainer will allow the character to learn the patterns the trainer teaches.

The quest to learn the armorsmithing specialization is similar to the quests that unlock tribal leather working. The prerequisites before attempting to learn this trade skill specialization are a blacksmithing skill of 200 and a character level of 40. Characters should complete the mithril order series of quests before starting their career as an armorsmith.

Alliance Armorsmithing Starting Point

Alliance characters who want to learn this trade skill specialization will need to seek out Grummus Steelshaper. Fortunately, the quest NPC that will give the quest is not in an odd or out of the way location. Unsurprisingly, a character wanting to begin these quests can find him in the Dwarven capital city of Ironforge.

Horde Amorsmithing Starting Point

Orc, Troll, Tauren, Undead and Blood Elf characters who wish to become armorsmiths must head to Ironforge and visit Okothos Ironrager. Both versions of the quest ask the player to make the same items.

Items Needed to Become an Armorsmith

  • 4 Ornate Mitrhil Helms
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  • 2 Ornate Mithril Boots
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  • 1 Ornate Mithril Breastplate
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A character who wishes to become take up armorsmithing in World of Warcraft can either make these items himself or buy them from the auction house If a character wishes to learn the patterns that lead up to the armosmithing quest.

Armorsmithing Considerations

Armorsmithing is the personal of choice for the blacksmith who wants to take it up, while the weaponsmithing specialization has a broader appeal to many other World of Warcraft classes. The release of the Burning Crusade allowed players to change their trade skill specialization, but switching pecializations costs a character 100 gold and choosing the wrong specialization is a costly mistake. Switching from weaponsmithing to armorsmithing actually costs less than doing the armorsmithing quests.

There are certain items that can only be made this way, but the problem with the way that trade skills are implemented in most games is that better items drop in the instances of the game.


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