WoW Goblin Engineering Guide : A World of Warcraft Trade Skill Specialization

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Goblin Engineering is 1 of 2 engineering specializations available to World of Warcraft players. While there may be different starting points for many trade skill specializations quests for Horde and Alliance players, goblins belong to neither faction and players on either side will start at the same point for this particular specialization. The quest steps are the same as the Gnome engineering quest, but the NPCs visited and the items that the NPCs for each side’s goblin engineering quest are different.
World of Warcraft Goblin Engineering Quests

If a player wishes to take up the goblin engineering trade skill specialization, he must have at least a 200 skill in engineering and his character level must be 30 or higher. The character must also have been referred to one of a master engineer trainer to complete his skill level level.

Horde and Alliance players who want to be goblin engineers in World of Warcraft must head Gadgetzan in Tanaris. The perspective goblin engineer must then seek out and speak to Nixx Rocketspring, who will give the character the goblin engineering quest.

After talking to Nixx, the candidate will be asked to sign a pledge of secrecy. Once the player returns the signed document to Nixx, he will then be given be asked to show his work by handing in a series of items to prove the player’s talent as an engineer.

Nixx Sprocketspring Will Ask the Player to Make the Following:

  • 20 Big Iron Bombs
  • 20 Solid Dynamites
  • 5 Explosive Sheep
  • </p>

These items do not have to be made by the character and a player may purchase them fromm the auction house to save time. When the items are handed over to Nixx, the player has now specialized and gets a membership card that lasts for two weeks of played time. (The Gnomish card lasts the same amount of time.)

WoW Goblin Engineering Items

Goblin engineering items are prone to explode. The list itself testifies to this tendenccy. Goblin rocket boots. A World of Warcraft engineer should not think that all of the items made using goblin engineering are about destruction. Goblin Jumper cables can occasionally resurrect a dead character.

Goblin Engineering, like its Gnomish counterpart, is not a way to make money for World of Warcraft characters. It exists for the fun and flavor it provides.


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