How to Have the Best Skin of Your Life!

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The best skincare regimens take a holistic approach to beauty. Your skin’s health is the consequence of the state of all your body systems. It is a culmination of your eating habits, sleeping habits, exercise and stress levels.

Vitamins A, D, E C and B are the essential vitamins that should be taken internally and topically. Vitamin A brightens the skin and relieves dryness. Vitamin D helps the skin heal. Vitamin E helps the skin retain moisture. Vitamin C is an effective antioxidant which protects the skin from UV damage and supports the synthesis of collagen. Vitamin B increases skin tone and makes the skin appear smooth and taught.

Healthy skin needs minerals. The most imperative minerals are: Calcium, Copper and Iron. Copper helps regulate the function of lysloxidase, an enzyme needed for the creation of collagen. Iron can tone and nurture the skin by removing carbon dioxide and delivers oxygen to every cell of the body. Calcium is an extreme component in our skin’s rejuvenation process.

Depending on your bio-rhythms, you should sleep at least 8 hours a day. When we sleep our bodies repair themselves on a cellular level. If one does not have enough rest, the body can not fully absorb the vitamins in skin care especially used in the evening.

Drink water, water and more water. Clean-pure water is known as a “fountain of youth”. Water carries nutrients to every cell of your body. It improves your circulation which can give you that wonderful glowing look. It carries toxins out of the body. It lubricates all the systems in your body relieving the effects of stress. The recommended water intake is calculated by dividing the amount that you weigh and converting those pounds into the amount of ounces you should drink daily.

Stress should be managed. Stress can be good and bad. Prolonged stress can cause many complications with the body and thus with your skin. When we are stressed we do not heal as easily. Stress affects the blood cells that fight infection and can cause break outs that are similar to acne.

To have the best skin of your life you simply have to take some new steps to reform your diet, your skin care regimen, your sleeping habits and the level of stress in your life. It doesn’t take as much initiation as one would think. Instead of waking up and going to your favorite fast food restaurant; eat a bowl of oatmeal and drink a glass of water. Use techniques to fall asleep faster and longer. Finally, find a form of exercise that leaves you stretched and distressed like yoga or chi.


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