How to Look Like Katia Verber On a Budget

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Katia Verber, also known as the “Paris Hilton of Russia” is a billionare-heiress and a shopaholic! While most of us could never shop where she shops. Our frugal budgets don’t have to stop us from looking just as fabulous.

Cut out clippings from her appearances. Get a good grasp on what she wears and at what occasion. Take those clippings and organize them. Begin to shop around for similar items. Remember to browse on the internet. Online outlets have “knock offs” and replicas that are of high quality. Some of them are “spot on” matches. Also, check out Ebay. They auction off some of the same items that celebrities wear. However, you can get them at a tremendous discount.

Update your hair style. This one gets a little tricky. Though Katia Verber’s current style and color may not be a good choice for you; show your stylist her picture. They can creat a variation of it. Finally, check out her make up wardrobe. Celebrities always wear the “seasonal colors”. Consult an esthetician or beauty consultant. Ask them to give you a full make over with the latest look.


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