How to “Obama Proof” Your Portfolio the Ann Coulter Way!

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I am an advid watcher of “The View”. Ann Coulter’s controversial appearance was one for the books! Though I do not claim to agree with her; I do believe she is entitled to her own opinion. In my pursuit to grasp the ideology of this outspoken pundit. I stumbled upon her “Post Obama” financial plan as written by her financial advisor Dr. Mark Skousen. I thought I would share, judge for yourself

Ann coulter’s advisor Dr. Mark Skousen’s main premise for his proposed portfolio is based on the idea; that during Obama’s presidency one will have to profit from areas of the globe whose economies are independant of the United States. Therefore, the first step would be to invest in Chinese Health Care companies. He is supposing that social healthcare will require additional pharmaceutical and health care products.

Utilize an investment vehicle by the name of the “Congressional Effect”. This suggests that there will be a Congressional recession.

Make a foreign bond play. He states that the dollar will sag under the new President’s leadership. Hence, smart money will flow toward foreign bonds.

Make an Eastern European emerging-market play. EEE’s are mutual funds that seek long-term growth by investing in countries that have the most favorable currency rates. Again, he suggests that our dollar value will elapse. Step5 Make a dividend-yeilding high-income play. Interest rates on income funds currently are very low. The only way they can go is up. These income fund values and dividends will go up with it. Perhaps his intent here is to purchase these funds now at a low rate and wait until the yeild rises.


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