My wonderful family

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I have three wonderful daughter, not one of them the same.
One is very independent, one studious, one sees life as a game.

The eldest is Zoe who’s headstrong. Who thinks she always is right.
She’s loyal to her friends whom she treasures. And won’t give in without a fight.

Laura’s the one in the middle. She’s quieter and wants to be a chef.
She belongs to more clubs than the others; plays violin, though she’s partially deaf.

Now Georgia is my baby. She loves animals and her hair just won’t curl.
She’s hard-working and extremely loving. Loves pink and is a girly girl.

There’s another one I should mention.  Harry’s the only boy in my bunch.
He’s bossy and terribly untidy, and won’t eat his veg on his lunch.

At times they can all be so tiring. A few moments quiet would be such bliss.
But without them my life would be empty.  They bring such joy I surely would miss.

So when I look back at my life before them, I never thought I could be.
A mother to four little people.  My own perfect family.


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