My Husband

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My husband Mark is a strange old soul.
He thinks he’s so funny and witty.
With his big round belly, and unshaven face,
He certainly isn’t pretty.

He always finds something about which to moan.
He is grumpy through and through.
He often can make ‘Victor Meldrew’ look sane,
As he shouts till his lips turn blue.

Yet hidden within, is another side,
On which others don’t often see.
He can be calm, kind and considerate.
And I know one thing for sure and that is that he loves me.

When we first met, each time he got paid.
He’d bring me a teddy or flowers.
He’d open the doors, bring me breakfast in bed,
We’d talk into the small hours.

Yet these days he is the first one into bed.
And boy does he snore long and loud.
He hogs all the quilt and he talks in his sleep.
All of which he claims makes him so proud.

Then somedays when I’m not feeling my best,
He fusses, and tells me to ‘keep warm’.
He’ll do the housework, take the children to school.
Cooks the tea, and makes me feel calm.

Without him i think, i would have gone mad
I know that my life was so dark.
So despite all his faults, I love him just as he is.
He’s my husband, my friend, He’s MY Mark!


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