Are you alright?

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How often it happens you meet in the street,

you smile and say “are you alright”.

What on earth does that really mean?

Does she care or is she being polite?

Does it really mean, I acknowledge your there

Sharing the same space and air?

But really I’m rather busy to care.

The list I have to do, means

I don’t have any time to stop and share.

Or do you mean, you want to hear me say

what storms are racing through my day.

And hear how badly I feel this day is going.

Maybe it will be far too boring.

What would happen if we stayed a while to chatter?

Would the earth shatter because I’m 10 minuets later?

And if I made time to stop for a cuppa.

Would it really matter that I didn’t Hoover?

We can never see what’s inside a person’s heart

Are they sad, crying out, or falling apart.

Until we listen to their voice.

It’s up to us to make the right choice.

It makes such a difference what you say,

and what’s in your tone.

It can mean the difference between

“someone cares” and  “I’m so alone”

Please think of others for goodness sake.

To find something nice to say is all it might take,

It’s not hard to make someone feel up beat,

to make them smile as they carry on down the street.


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