Some Ways To Grow Your Work From Home Business

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Here are just a few ways to help your small business grow…If you want to hand out business cards take a small ziplock baggie and put your biz card, mini flyer of specials and a piece of candy in it and give it to people that you come in contact with. Hang flyers (with permission from manager) on tenants doors at apartment complexes. Depending on what type of business you run, ask certain places (drug stores, bridal shops, tatoo parlors, restaurants,etc.) if you can leave brochures or biz cards. Daycare Centers are a great place to interact with moms who might want to work from home. Churches are a great place to leave your info…they have festivals…ask them about setting up a booth. Join your local Chamber of Commerce and stay informed on local business events and job fairs. Ask car dealers to let you put out your cards and info. College Campuses are a great place to put up flyers. Go to your area hospitals and nursing homes and ask to leave brochures…the patients get lots of visitors. At banks give your card to the teller with a brochure. Leave your card with your tip at restaurants. If you stay in a motel room, leave one of your baggies behind for the maid. Offer to donate a gift to your local bingo hall as a prize. Your local YMCA is a great place to put up a flyer. Offer discounts or specials once in a while…get biz cards made up advertising these specials…you only have to do this when you want to. When you are in the library, leave a card in a few books…someone will see it when they check it out and read it. Leave sticky notes with your info on it on gas pumps and other places. Go door to door with door hangers and put on people’s doors. Ask your friends to help you do these things. You can get a lot done with help. Everytime you go out make a point to leave a paper trail. I will be back later with more ideas.


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