So, you want to be Famous. You sure?

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To be a celebrity: yes everyone knows who they are, they have tons of money, are good looking, well not all of them but most and many other perks. Designers give them free stuff all the time so they can be seen wearing it, would never have to wait in line when going out and sometimes just showing up can get them paid.  Have a car to match their outfit and tons of other things we can be so envious about except one, the very first perk of being a famous celebrity. Everyone knows who you are which also means everyone knows everything about you, everything. So is it all worth the cost of your privacy, lets look a little futher into this aspect.

If you are on your way out, be it to the store, grab the mail, gym – anywhere outside your home , be sure that your hair, clothes and makeup or facial hair are all primp, proper and fashionable. If not, everyone will be talking about how you went to Starbucks looking like a mess because your hair was not perfect or your beard was looking scruffy.

You had a rough week and maybe ate a few too many cupcakes or drank a few too many beers and put on some pounds. Ladies, beware, the world will be talking about how your possibly pregnant. Men, they may just leave you alone on this one.

When you have a disagreement with someone, don’t we all, if your famous, the world will be watching all your interactions with this person and will emphasize on everything! A small feud can be taken out of context, especially when everyone is speaking about it. The night shows will definitly have fun with this one.

Did your boyfriend/girlfriend cheat on you? Yes, it hurts and is painful maybe even embarrassing depending on whom the accomplice was. At least it is not plastered on magazines everywhere. Try this for effect, tell everyone you run into, especially strangers, my boyfriend/girlfriend left me for my best friend or they were cheating on me with my sibling!

Gave a speech and made a blunder, drank too many drinks one night, fell, and flashed everyone. Your embarrassing moment will more than likely have been captured on film and will now be all over People’s Magazine, TMZ and YouTube.

With that being said do you still want that fame? You do not have to be famous to be content with your life. We can look at the accomplishments certain famous people have made and use that as inspiration to be successful and confident in our own life. Maybe borrow a fashion tip or two, and live comfortably without the world knowing our every move.

But if fame is still what your after, go for it, and good luck. I’ll see you around.


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