Who will you turn to?

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There are times when life gets far too hectic.
The days are long and even more frantic.
I know these times will come to us all.
Then other times life is a really slow crawl.
A real friend you’ll know is a place you can go.
When things are tough and the chips are down
And who will help you wash away that frown.
Then the light goes on in your mind.
“I know who will help and who is kind”
I’d trust them with my life, and to look after my kids.
That’s who you need when your life hits the skids.
Have you time to help me out of this mess.
The answer is the same no less.
Of course I can no problem at all.
When you’re on your way back just give me a call.
In the hard times you realize who is really a mate.
These are the times you have too much on your plate.
Being a mate might not always be easy, it may take sacrifice.
But for a true friend it’s worth the price.
When the road ahead for you, is hard to see,
I hope you know you can rely on me.


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