Imagine living in Sudan

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Imagine in heaven, if there were a change of plan.

You weren’t born in England but in Sudan.

You may just find it’s not very nice,

When all you’re offered is a bowl of rice.

To feed your family, you’ll have to work hard.

You can’t just go to the shop with your credit card. 

And what a surprise if you want to watch the tele,

The chances are you’ll have no electricity

You won’t need to worry about the size of your hips.

Because over there, there’s no pie and chips.

And when you could just fancy a profiterole.

Oh no, there’s no sweet at all.

What do you say when your child has a headache or fever.

There’s no calpol in the cupboard to help her.

If you have no money you’ll get nothing out there.

Unless through aid agencies that send doctors to care.

Imagine your excitement when you hear of a doctor,

Who you’ve been told will freely help her.

But also that its five miles away.

And you’ll have to carry her all the way.


And if I put in your hand, a couple of pound.

How ever ungrateful this might sound.

                                            It still won’t really do the trick,

And it won’t stop the water from making you sick

Do you think it’s an accident, or was it all planned,

 that you were born in ENGLAND.


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