The Benefits Of Obedience Training Your Dog

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I have owned dogs all of my life and they are truly man’s best friend. However, sometimes they can get on your nerves with barking, chewing, and other annoying bad habits and this can hurt your relationship with your dog. That is why it is important to make sure that your dog is well trained and behaved and one of the best ways to achieve this goal is through obedience training.

Obedience training is one of the best decisions that you can make for your dog or puppy. It will not solve all behavior problems, but it will give you a solid base to build on and solve many of your issues that you are dealing with. Training opens up a line of communication between you and your dog and this is extremely important because it lets your dog know what you want them to do. You can teach your dog to ‘stay’ and not run out the door and to ‘sit’ and not jump on visitors and to stay ‘off’ and not jump or chew on furniture.

Without proper training, dogs will behave like the animals they are and this is not good for you or your home. They will mess in your house, destroy your furniture and other belongings, bark excessively, dig holes in your lawn, fight with other dogs and even bite you or other people. Most all behavior problems are normal dog activities that occur at the wrong time or place and are directed toward the wrong thing. The key to solving or preventing these problems is to train your dog to vent his natural behavior at acceptable outlets in his domestic setting.

Obedience training should prove to be a very fun and rewarding experience for you and your dog. It will build a stronger bond between you and make living together a more enjoyable experience. If your dog is well trained, he will be more confident and you can allow him more freedom then an untrained dog. A trained dog will also come to you when ‘called’.

The most important part of training your dog is to reward him for good behavior. The more that he is rewarded, the faster he will learn. Make sure that you use training exercises several times to assure that your dog knows that he is doing the right thing. Make sure that you praise your dog each time for good behavior so he will know that he is doing the “right thing”. If you are having trouble training your dog properly, then please visit the following web site for help:”>


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