Stroke of Genius

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Once upon a time, a person found a genius in his way, but he had his self-esteem buried under six meters of earth and grass. The man approached the genius and asked:
– Are you Mr. Shy?
– Yes, I am- he responded timidly.
– People say that you are a genius, is that truth?
– For anything my friend, I am just a simple mortal.

The man continued his way; and while walking, he had found another wise person, and also approached to him, asking:
– Are you Mr. Arrogant?
– Yes, I am! – He responded ferocious.
– People announce that you are a genius; is that so?
– How do you dare to ask it? , do you try to annoy me? sure I am, what do you think?

The man followed his way and found a third scholar, and asked also to him:
– Are you Mr. Modest?
The man, calmly and without perturbing himself at all, answered:
– Yes, I am.
– People say that you are a genius, is that right?
– Are not we all geniuses? – He answered, and continued:

– My friend, you can have in your house the best system of illumination of the whole world, the most sophisticated, the most expensive, and the most elegant.
But, if there is nobody that passes the switch, you will remain in the dark. We all have a brain that is the most complex machine of the entire universe, but so that the light bulb of the EUREKA ignites, it is necessary to pass the switch.

And this switch is not another thing that to acknowledge and to think that all human beings are potentially geniuses, because the stroke of genius is an inherent characteristic to all the humanity.
The problem is that the thickness of the population; or does not know that is brilliant or does not believe it, whereas; between the few that we know it, there is a ferocious minority that do not allow that the secret to keep awake, of that all, without exception we are all potential geniuses.

And the man; from that day, had decided to develop all its potentialities, in spite of the world.


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