How to Make Even More Money with Your Existing Food Blog

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As a passionate foodie, I started my own food blog so that I could share my recipes and  food and nutrition tips with anyone who cared to read my blog. I was new to the whole concept of blogging so I did a lot of blog-hopping  in order to try to learn how things are done. I could not believe how many food and food related blogs there are out there.

About one month into my blogging experience, I came across Foodbuzz: a site that stood out from the thousands of food blogs that I had visited. It was fairly new at the time, and , like many sites, said that you could make money from their site. Although I had seen this on a million sites before and had been duped more times than I care to admit, I figured what the heck? It didn`t cost anything to join, and at the very least I might get some exposure and draw a few more readers to my blog.

You can imagine my surprise when I actually started making money! Not huge amounts, but enough to supplement my on-line income

You can become a Featured Publisher by linking your existing food blog to them, and all of your posts will be put onto your Foodbuzz pages for you, so there is almost nothing extra that you have to do to begin making money. How much you make depends on how many page impressions your work gets, but that is not the only money to be made. They also offer sign up bonuses
and incentive bonuses. Unlike some sites that have yet to prove that they actually pay, I can can say that this site does pay, as I have received many of these bonuses and  they are quite substantial. (They also send their publishers incentive gifts periodically, such as tote bags, aprons and personalized business cards.)

So if you have a food blog and want to some extra make extra money : visit Foodbuzz and see what they have to offer.


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