The plastic age

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by the material life
into the elemental link
of the nanosecond.

was; four countless ages,
the intelligence breath
that loomed up with diligence
but without resultant;
until the soldier of the stone
and the stick had appeared.

And the troglodyte,
already coming out of his hermitage,
dared to put his foot on another star
and furious
almost destroys the world…
But the great epopee barely begins
and, wondering to give as primacy;
that’s already stale;
I announce the end of finitude
and the start of eternal youth
thanks to the genome and its discovery…

that will be the perfect complement
for the plastic age.

P.S.: This is the translation of a poem that I had written in Spanish in 1990, and I would share it with you, I hope the translation is accurate and fully understandable. It is very hard to translate a poem, the poem is mine and the translation is also mine, I have used the Larousse English Spanish dictionary and the Webster dictionary for doing it.
My best regards for all my readers.

Spanish version:

por la vida material
en el enlace elemental
del nanosegundo.

estuvo; por edades incontables,
el hálito de inteligencia
que asomaba con diligencia
pero sin resultado;
hasta que apareció el soldado
de la piedra y del garrote…

Y ya el troglodita;
saliendo de su ermita,
osó colocar su pie en otro astro
y furibundo
casi acaba con el mundo…
pero la gran epopeya apenas se inicia
y queriendo dar como primicia
una noticia
que ya es añeja;
anuncio el fin de la finitud
y el comienzo de la eterna juventud
gracias al genoma y su descubrimiento…

que es el perfecto complemento
para la edad de plástico.

Autor: Felipe Antonio Santorelli = tonisan


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