How to have a happier 2009!

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Clear the slate, mend you fences and resolve to do better in every area of your life. We all have a cross to bear and it is a heavy load. Stop the “Blame Game” cause we all do it. Take responsibility, man I hate reality! but it is always there…..tapping you on the shoulder or hitting you square across the face!

Your God doesn’t give you the people you want. He gives you the people you NEED. To help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to  love you and to make you into the person you were meant to be…..

Share your talents, be it….. giving, knowledge, listening, love, hope or courage….do it all with heart! Pick some wild flowers and show someone you were thinking of them and that you care.

Mend those broken fences. Forgiveness is hard at times, but try. You’ll feel better and so will they. Be gracious….life is never fair.

Hold on to your courage you may need it down the road. Don’t be afraid to give a little to someone in need. Courage comes in all shapes and sizes. My very best friend is in his 9th year of Chemo. We all have someone that could use a little of our courage.

Be kind and kind will come back to you….Do the things you have dreamed about but haven’t had time to start….baby steps!

Be patient, this is really hard  to do at times….especially for me. Just remember, they may not do it the way you would, but it will get done!

If you practice all these things, no matter where you go and yes you will find both sun and rain…. hopefully you will never be alone.

One more thing, ask yourself, do you have joy in your life? Have you brought joy to another in your life? If not ….it is never too late!

I could go on and on….but you all know…What goes around comes around!

Smile, hug, kiss, laugh, dance!  Keep your friends close and your family closer. You will need them!

Now! Go out there and be NICE!

Have a save and happier 2009!


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