Win at Blackjack

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This is intended for people who wish to gain financially by gambling. Please understand that this is no guarantee of winning as gambling is inherently risky and you can and will LOSE money at times.  This article is only intended to help people understand the odds and house advantage and sound money management techniques while gambling. Follow this advice at your own risk and awareness of LOSING!

NUMBER 1 RULE!!! – Only gamble what you can afford to lose!

NUMBER 2 RULE—-Do NOT fight the trend thinking you will recoup losses!

These are the primary rules in ANY gambling endeavor, in the casino, at the track, in the stock market, office pool or wherever you put assets at risk.

Now that that is out of the way, here’s my strategy for Blackjack, or 21, at any casino in the world. I have used this for several years and kept accurate records of winning and losing sessions. Overall I am ahead. I will leave it up to you to decide if the time and effort you put into it makes it worthwhile for you. This is intended for people that have a good understanding of the game of Blackjack. I will not delve into the fundamentals here as that information is available in countless publications and/or sources.

As stated before, start with what you can afford to lose. Take a fixed sum and no more. If you lose it, go home. Do not go to the ATM for more cash. Do not change tables or casinos thinking you will win back losses. You have to NOT let emotion rule your gaming.

Blackjack is a simple game. If you can add to 21 quickly and assess percentages in your head, you can win. In casino rules, the house has an advantage. They are there to make money just like everyone else. In Blackjack, the casinos primary advantage is that the dealer goes last. That is, you lose before the dealer has a chance to lose. My strategy is to NOT let that happen. There are 52 cards in a deck. It does not matter how many decks they use, the percentages are the same. The dealer MUST hit on 16 or soft 17. You do not have to hit anything. Think about that. If the dealer is showng 16, how many cards are in the deck that will put him over 21? The answer is 32. The casinos own rules put the dealer at a disadvantage, but only if YOU give the dealer the opportunity to lose. Most people (yes even the experienced players) try too hard to draw close to 21. By doing this, you are giving the casino a huge advantage in two ways. Number one. you are taking away cards that will cause the dealer to bust, or go over, 21. Remember, by their own rules, there are more cards that will bust a dealer than not (32 vs 20). I try to “hit”, or take cards, as little as possible just for this reason. Number two, when you take cards unnecessarily, you increase the odds that YOU wil bust before the dealer. The idea here is to let the dealer bust, not you.

Absolutes- No matter what the dealer is showing, DO NOT HIT anything over 14, EVER! ONLY hit a 12,13 or14 if the dealer is showing a 7 or higher.  Also, DO NOT double down if the dealer is showing a 7 or higher. Always double down if you have a 10 or 11 and the dealer is showing a 6 or less.

If you can go to the casino with a few friends and all get on the same table, it will greatly increase everyones odds as long as you ALL employ this strategy.

Find a table with a low minimum bet. When the odds are highly in your favor, you can always inrease your bets. When the dealer is hot- AND THEY CAN AND DO GET HOT, bet less or not at all. There is nothing wrong with leaving after losing 4 or 5 hands in a row. Remember, don’t fight the trend. By the same token, by all means increase your bets when winning. After all, now you’re risking the casinos money, not yours. I find that for my personal sessions, I am usually in the casino (at least gambling) on average less than an hour. Sometimes as little as 5 minutes.  Here’s an example. I’ll start with $20 at a $5 table. If I lose the first 4 hands, I’m outta there! On the other hand, if I win several hands and am up say, $80, I may leave.

DO NOT GET GREEDY!! A win is win. If you are there ten minutes and lose $20, it was money you could afford to lose, right? If you are up $80 after an hour that means you made $80 an hour for sitting on your butt playing a game. Not bad eh?

Odds and money management- If you pay attention and can count quickly you can inrease your odds and bet accordingly. Yes I’m talking card counting. It’s not illegal but the casinos will shut tables to discourage the practice IF they suspect it. I am not talking about counting each card here, I’m no Rainman! Just a quick assessment of what I like to call card flow. If you look at the table and watch a majority of the cards  are small, the odds are better the next hand for higher cards, thus inreasing the odds of the dealer busting. Consider raising your bets under this scenario.

That’s it! Win more than you lose using the house odds against them and sound money management. Good luck!


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