Autism Jewelry for Fundraising and Awareness

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With the rising incidences of autism and autism spectrum disorders, more and more people are becoming vocal about this disability.  Many decorate their car with magnetic decals, wear t-shirts that speak about autism, and adorn themselves with autism jewelry.  Autism jewelry is great for both men and women, and can be used to raise awareness or for fundraising purposes.

Autism Jewelry – The Symbols and Meanings

The symbol of autism awareness is the puzzle piece.  This was chosen because of the mystery and complexity surrounding the autism diagnosis.  There are so many categorizations and symptoms of autism, some of the contradictory.  The puzzle piece symbol is very fitting.

Autism symbology often uses the primary colors of red, yellow, and blue.  These colors are bright, happy colors associated with childhood.  They also symbolize the many faces of autism today.

Autism Jewelry – The Autism Ribbon

Like most modern causes, autism has a ribbon.  Breast cancer has a pink ribbon, heart disease’s ribbon is red.  Autism uses the multi-colored puzzle piece design to cover its ribbon.  This ribbon design is used in a lot of autism jewelry.  It is also used for magnetic car signs, clothing decoration, and other autism awareness items.

Autism Jewelry – Retail Sources

If you wish to purchase autism jewelry for your personal use, you can find many different styles at the retail sources listed below.  Some popular autism jewelry styles include stretchy bracelets with ribbon and puzzle piece charms, large puzzle piece key chains or necklace charms, and autism wristbands.

Some of the most popular places to purchase autism jewelry, and other autism awareness items, online are:,, and 

Autism Jewelry – Wholesale Fundraising Sources

If you want to purchase autism jewelry in bulk to sell it for fundraising purposes, you will probably either need a resale license or be a recognized charity.  You can purchase key chains, necklaces, bracelets, and other autism jewelry items in bulk.

A few places that sell wholesale autism jewelry are and

If you or your group is planning an autism fundraising event, it is a good idea to purchase a large quantity of autism jewelry.  Mark the items up a certain percentage and send all the profits to your autism charity of choice.

Wearing autism jewelry is a great way to show your involvement with this common disability.  You can choose to wear autism jewelry to create camaraderie with other parents of autistic spectrum children.  You can also purchase wholesale autism jewelry for fundraising sales.  Whatever reason, autism jewelry is a great thing to purchase and wear.


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