Easy Checkerboard Pattern Polymer Clay Beads

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Polymer clay beads can be fashioned in many exciting patterns and colors.  They are very popular for jewelry making and other crafts.  This article will explain how to create polymer clay beads with a checkerboard pattern.

Beginning Steps of Polymer Clay Beads

Making checkerboard pattern polymer clay beads requires two colors of the clay.  One of the most popular combinations is black and white, but you can use any that suit your tastes.

The first steps when working with polymer clay include getting it ready to use.  You must knead the clay until it reaches a smooth and pliable consistency.  The warmth of your hands helps this process along.  After the polymer clay is ready, you should roll out both colors into long rectangles.  Trim them neatly so that they are the same size.  You will want two rectangles of each color.

How to Create the Checkerboard Pattern Beads

After you have your two colors of clay in long rectangle shapes, you should layer them on top of one another to create a striped loaf of clay.  You will now have a large rectangle that alternates black and white.  Press gently to be sure that the layers are connected.

The next step is to use your very sharp clay knife to cut strips of the loaf longwise.  You will end up with long rectangles with small squares of alternating colors.  After those are complete, flip every other one and put them all back together.  You will see the checkerboard pattern at the ends of the polymer clay loaf.

Finishing the Checkerboard Pattern Beads

Once you have the checkerboard patterned clay loaf, you will need to compress it to ensure that the layers of clay are melded together.  Do not squeeze excessively, and do not roll the loaf at this point.

If you want basic square beads with a checkerboard pattern, simply slice through the loaf with your sharp knife.  If you want round edged disc beads, gently roll the polymer clay loaf until it becomes a cylinder.  Then slice the beads off the end.  After poking a hole through the bead with a wire, bake the polymer clay according to the manufacturers instructions.

You know have a bunch of checkerboard pattern polymer clay beads that are ready for use in necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other jewelry crafts.

Checkerboard pattern beads have alternating blocks of color.  They are usually cut in squares to best display the patterns in a piece of jewelry or other craft.  These checkerboard pattern beads are easily crafted with polymer clay.


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