How To Take Care Of Your Cat

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Humans are very much concerned about self-diet. As we know, there are many people who love animals and keep pets. Animal diet is also necessary in order to make them look healthy and well-mannered. However, diet depends on animal to animal, place to place. Even a particular breed of animal, say, cat has its own conditions. What does this mean? Well, it means that breeds do differ and they do matter.

Cats, unlike dogs drink less water. Cats are natural meat eater, meaning, they are naturally non-vegetarians. They cannot, in any way, be maintained on a leafy diet or vegetarian diets. It is very necessary to provide good nutrition to cats if you really love your cat. In nutritional needs, cats are very much suited to digesting raw meat protein need, but they are unable to utilize dietary fiber. Cats’ diet maybe classified into the following categories:

35% carbohydrates

20% protein

10% fiber

4)    9% fat

Most cats prefer canned diets to normal, usual home-made food. However, canned foods for cats vary in nutritional values and differ in terms of proteins and carbohydrates. However, It depends on the percentage of the proteins and calories.

You may find canned foods in supermarkets, malls, etc. Normal cat foods have less protein compared to canned foods. Many cat-lovers do not give importance to digestibility, but they do give to cats’ diets.

Did you know? Cats love the taste of fish. Fish have rich source of protein, vitamins, calories, oil, etc. But you need to make sure that the food served to cats are clean and does not, in any way, contain thorns or bones or skeletons of fish. Yes! Well, many people do not understand the difference between clean and neat- while serving food to cats. You may notice that cats purr when they are gratified by the meal that you gave them. Remember to note that they just close their eyes and stop moving when they are in pain, immense pain. This is one of the reasons of thorn-stucking in their throat. Usually, fish bone is known as ‘thorn’ by many people. Extra care is necessary!

Some of the following may be useful in maintaining your cat’s energy levels high. The following high fiber foods are:

Meat: You can give in any way, raw or boiled

Egg: Cats like eggs. Try giving boiled or crushed. You may give fried egg too (with less oil)

Biscuits: Yes, biscuits. Cats like biscuits. Mix them with milk and serve

Bread: Mix bread in milk and serve

Milk: Now this is what cats love the most. MILK! It is their everything!

Always remember that cats prefer sleeping for more hours, and they purr a lot. Hence, do not over-feed them. Over feeding may result in their restless, irate behavior. Give food at least 2 times or 4 times and not 3 times. This may result in digestive problems.


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