Buy A House Right in Your Own County

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Struck off’s are the lists of houses and properties that did not sell at a county tax sale, or at the re-sale. The struck off list contains the properties that have been around the county tax office for a while, and are a safe buy.

By a “safe buy”, i mean that usally they have been in the system for more than two years, meaning the time of redemption has passed, and it is safe for you to grab those propertes, sometimes for pennies on the dollar. You will need to pay attention to what the county has as an appraisal, and to the amount that is owed on the property. Watch that pretty close, so you won’t end up paying more than what the property is actually worth.

In order to obtain a struck off list, you will need to contact your county tax office. Sometims the county has retained a legal firm. In that case, simply ask who the legal firm is, and go ask for one. Always be polite in both places, you have much to gain.

When you have found a property on the struck off list, simply make a bid. Normally these bids are not made public, so you have no worry on that part. In about four to six weeks, they will notify you to bring your money order or cashiers check to thier office to finalize your paper work and obtain your deed to the property. You now own the property, and may take over at any time you choose.

Struck off lists are becoming more and more popular. In some states and counties, you will need to first prove that you do not owe any land taxes. Usually that is as simply as paying a 10.00 fee for them to run a check. Or you can go to the county tax office yourself in some places and obtain a paper establishing the fact that you do not owe any taxes in that county.

Happy house hunting.


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