How to Protect Your Children From Negative Internet Sites

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In today’s time. the internet has good and bad intentions. The internet was develope to do network businesses and to make life a little easier for applying for jobs. As time move the internet became more powerful and harmful at the same time.

Children are smarter than we think they are! Our children know what websites to go on and make profiles. That’s dangerous, so many kids are lying about their age and posting sexy pictures and the parents don’t know about it. They join chatrooms and talk to strangers.

The Public Library system allow the kids to use the adult computers, when there are no children computers available. That’s a no no! the adult computers are not restricted, the children computers are. But when a child use a adult computer, they have so much access to everything.

Parents have the upper hand at home. You have the right to restrict how far your child can surf on the internet. It’s ok to sit down with your child at least once a month and discuss how to use the computer to gather positive information. Show them different websites for their age level.

We can’t band our children from the internet, because they’ll become more curious about it, But as parents we can PROTECT them from negative and harmful internet websites


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