Memoir Writing 101: Researching the Year You Were Born

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Even if you are not writing your autobiography or researching your family tree, you may find it interesting to dig up a little of the history surrounding your birth. Have you ever wondered what was happening in the world when you were born? Here are some quick tips to discovering what the world around you was like when you were born.

Family members have fascinating stories to tell and just about everyone loves to talk about themselves! Talk to relatives. This is the first place you should go! 

Surf the web and find old newspapers from the town you were born in. These are a rich source of information about what was happening when and where you were born.

Find books that pertain to the area and time period in which you were born. Check out the library. The older you are, the more sources you will find out there!

Your birth certificate alone contains a wealth of information. These documents can tell you what your parents did for a living, where they lived, and even the name of the doctor who delivered you. Send for vital records. 

Pour over old family photo albums. Look at the items in the background of the photos. Check out the furniture and the scenery for clues to the time period.

Find a website that will generate a report for you. There are websites that you can input your birth date and the program will generate a report that tells you what was happening worldwide on the day you were born.

Organize all of your research into a folder so that you can use it when you start writing your autobiography or memoirs! Don’t stop! Keep searching using the techniques above and you will find more and more.

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