Jazzing Up Your Journal

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Personalizing your journal is a good way of convincing your subconscious that now you HAVE to journal every day since you took the time to make your journal book so special!

You’ve decided to make your own journal and now you are ready to decorate it. 

Gather together the following items and we’ll get started!

? Old magazines

? Old photos

? Self-adhesive laminating sheets

? Glue and glue sticks

? Marbled composition notebook

Cut words and pictures out of the magazines. Choose words and pictures that strike you or move you in some way. You can also choose to cut out journal theme pictures and words if you are making a theme (wedding, travel, baby, etc.) journal.

Use a glue stick to affix the cutouts to the cover of the journal. Start out by applying a small dot to the back of the cutout. This way you can still move the cutouts around and arrange them the way you want.

Firmly paste down the cutouts once you have them laid out to your liking. You can apply a tiny amount of clear or white glue to the edges of the cutouts with your fingertip so they will lay flat. The glue will dry clear.

Let the journal dry overnight or at least 12 hours. If you try to do the final step too soon you will end up with a gooey sticky mess!

Place the laminating sheets over the cover and gently press into place. The sheets should overlap on the edges so that you can tuck them down about one inch on the inside covers.

Trim the corners and edges of you newly decorated journal book!

Final Tips

Decorate the back of your journal book also!

Decorate the inside covers with cutouts and journal topics.

Don’t’ go glue crazy! You need very little glue when decorating your journal book because you will be putting the lamination on in the last step.

Be sure to check out the following website for more tips on journaling and memoir writing – http://www.double-roads.com


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