Flushing Money Down The Toilet? Try It In The World’s Most Expensive One!

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In today’s economy it’s not hard to feel like you are flushing your money down the toilet. Now, thanks to TotoUSA.com you can flush away your life savings, not to mention the “other stuff” in the most luxurious way imaginable!

Kohler’s are nice and have a couple models in the $3000 range, but Toto’s NeoRest600 has a retail price of $5800! Just for comparison’s sake — the average American made toilet is in the $150-200 range.   But with that price tag comes: a self-lifting lid, a gentle warm water rinse cycle and air-drying for your tushie, and a self-cleaning function! Of course, it’s water-conservation friendly too. Ready to rush out and order yours? Here’s how to get your hands on one!

NOTE: For the record, there are a few gold toilets on display around the world, including at a recent luxury trade show in Moscow and one in China — both over $500,000. Unfortunately, these models are for viewing, not buying. Sorry…

View the NeoRest 600 at Totoneorest.com. If you’re not sold on the toilet from the list of functions above, then I dare you to not be “sucked in” by their website (the music alone puts you in a state of Zen…)

  • Did I mention the remote control you can have wall-mounted??
  • You can contact Toto via their online contact form, their toll-free number, or use the handy Toto showroom locator to find one near you.
  • You may want to do a little consumer shopping — rumor has it that you can actually purchase one for under $4,000 by shopping around.
  • Decide whether it would be “prudent” to purchase the rest of the Neosuite at the same time! Yes, they offer coordinating products for the entire bathroom, like the air-bath, shower tower, lavatory and more. 
  • Gold plating is available after-market! Of course, it could mean an extra $50-100k, but hey, if you’re into the bling…
  • Test-driving the Neorest (or just viewing for that matter) and deciding NOT to buy can cause severe depression once you’ve returned home… to your own throne…

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