Host a Book Signing for Your Newly Published Book

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With the explosion of self-publishing today we have more and more authors seeking promotion and marketing techniques. One wonderful way of promoting your self-published book is to hold a book signing. Read on for tips on holding a successful book signing. 

Prepare a list of all possible venues and then contact each and explain to them what you are doing. Most venues will be open to the idea of you holding a book signing in their place of business because it will draw in more customers. Call around or visit local bookstores, gift shops and libraries. 

Make or order signs for your book signing. Include on the poster the title of the book, the authors name and a photo of the book cover and/or author. Note on the poster any outstanding achievements of the author. Don’t forget to add the day, time and venue of the book signing. 

Typically, the author will sit behind a table and sign copies of their book from there. Check the seating arrangements in front of the table if the author also plans to do a reading or give a speech. Arrive early enough at the book signing to set up a table for the author. 

If there are a lot of people waiting to have their book signed, someone needs to make sure the line does not come to a standstill because someone is becoming overly friendly with the author. 

Designate someone to keep the line moving. 

The author and the people helping him or her need to keep a smile on their faces and be polite to the people that approach them. Keep your cool. The author and the people helping him or her need to keep a smile on their faces and be polite to the people that approach them. You are in the business of selling books and the customer is always right. No matter how much someone is attempting to engage you in a debate, you must be polite! 

Many people will want to be photographed with you when you sign their book. Always accept these offers. Again, the key is to keep the customer happy so they will buy more books! 

If you want to make an impact on the public, present yourself as an upbeat and positive person. Have fun. No one likes a stuffy author. Make them remember you in a positive way and they will be back for more! 

Final Tips

? After signing books, circulate and chit-chat with the audience. 

? Consider giving a brief speech or a reading from your book. 

? Always remember to thank the staff of the venue. 

? Donate one of your books to the venue as a thank you. 


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