turkey dish asian style

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Step1 so your tired of eatting the same ol dried up turkey right…well you came to the right place….for this recipe you have to buy a turkey or a chicken and clean it throughly…when your done cleaning slice up the turkey in to pieces that are big as your hand if you want to cook the bones then you are also welcome to do as you please…

Step2 When your done slicing the turkey the way you wanted make sure you season it with salt. not to much or to little but just the right amount of salt that will make your turkey taste good…now you need a turkey pan that goes in the oven put the turkey meat in the container and chop up your onion bellpeppers garlics and jalapenos…and put that all in with your turkey meat…now cut off the execess stems and leaves off of the lemon grass and bang it up with a grinder or the back of the knife and throw it with your turkey meat and veggies ( while doing this you should have heat up the oven to 350 degrees ) and then slowly put in your pan of turkey and veggies in the oven and let it bake for 15 mins and turn them around and bake it for another 15 mins and keep doing this until its is cooked…

Step3 when you turn your turkey meat around the second time make sure that you pour in your two or three cups of water, soy sauce and your oyster sauce and mix it in with your meat…when your turkey is finally cooked and is ready to be taken out of the oven place a damp towel over a cutting board and place the turkey pan on top of the towel so that it doesnt burn your table or your board and cools it off. and chop up your green onions and cilantros and throw them in and serve them in a plate with a side of white rice.


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