shiner longer hair

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Step1 in order to get fine long shiny healty hair….buy suave coconut shampoo and conditioner at the price of 1.00 at your local walmart or target stores….when i am done shoppin i come home wear a set of dirty clothes or unused clothes and then i put alot of coconut conditioner on my hair and just gently rub my scalps til it is fully covered…

Step2 and then i put on a store bag or a hair bag -i forgot what it is called sorry- and leave the conditioner on for 1 or 2 hours (while i do this i either relax and put toothpaste on my face to kill the acnes on my face or while i cook and clean….)

Step3 after the hours are done make sure you wash it off with the coconut shampoo…and be sure to do this thrice a week in order to get long healty clean beautiful hair ….


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