Black Eggs With A Side Of White Rice

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Step 1

wash the rice first and cook it in the rice cooker as it is stated on the back of the bag…and let it cook…
after that get a mixing bowl and crack your eggs and mix them in your bowl and pour in your soy sauce and oyster sauce and salt mix it really good.

Step 2

In order to buy the oyster sauce and the soy sauce you can go to your local asian stores or hmong stores and they will sale them in bottles of glasses it will have a red label and a red cap and the sauce will be black. when buying the oyster sauce make sure you by oyster sauce…NOT Hoison sauce…

Step 3

After you have stir and mix in all the ingredients…make sure that you heat up a frying pan and pour in some oil and when you hear the oil pop pour in the mix egg and stir it around and wait til it is fully cooked and get a clean plate and pour the egg on the plate with the white rice and decorate it with two cilantro leaves and wallah you got a plate of black eggs with white rice…


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