spicy pasta.

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Step 1

cook the pasta in the pot as it is stated in the back of the bag or box…
when it is soft, drain it out and set it aside

Step 2

now that the pasta is done you would need to chop up some beef or buy ground beef at your local store…when your done with the beef, heat up the stove and get a pan or pot and pour in about 1 or 2 tablespoon of oil and wait for it to pop…after you hear the oil pop, pour in your ground or chopped beef and season it with salt…not to much and not to little of the salt because your going to add in some more salt when you pour in your pasta. now chop up some cilantro and ground up our fresh chiles or if you dont have a grinder then you can slice the chilies in little small pieces….then set it aside. more chilies can be added if you like your dish to be spicier….

Step 3

when your beef is fully cooked add in your pasta and add in some more salt and then mix it all in a medium heat. while that is mix add in your chilies and chopped cilantro into the pot or pan and mix it well…and turn of your stove and serve it on a plate and decorate it with one or two cloves of cilantro and some slice up fresh chilies.


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