How to Make it Easier to Dump Someone

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First off, make the break-up fast. The longer you take to get your point across, the less seriously your partner will think of the whole situation. If you also make it seem like you’re having a hard time with the breakup, they’ll think that you will still stay in their life. Make it fast.
Next, be true and honest. Don’t sugarcoat your words. Instead, tell them the reason why you want to break-up. If you’re seeing someone else, tell them that you’re seeing someone else. If you’ve lost feelings, just say it. In addition, avoid cover ups. If you’re honest with the person, it’ll just make things much easier.
Then, make sure that you do not feel sorry for anyone. Your partner might cry and get angry, but don’t let emotions get the best of you. There is a reason for your break-up, and this should not let you slow down. Do you really want to get back together because you feel sorry for that person? Mostly not.
After the break-up, make sure that you set up concrete post-break up rules. Let them know that you will not be contacting them whatsoever. If you say the foundation after the break up, they can’t argue by saying, “Why aren’t you picking up my phone calls?”

Next, make sure that you stick with your plans. If you keep on taking them back, they will not think of the break-up seriously. This step is very important.
Last but not least, break up at a neutral place. Don’t do it at your partner’s home or at your favorite place. Neutral places are the easiest for a quick getaway.
Break-ups are all hard to do and it takes great strength. You’ve shared so much with your significant other and so many things that you have done. However, if you want to break up for any good reason, make sure that you are strong and well-prepared. Do what you want, and don’t get swayed or let emotions get the best of you. Good luck!


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