How to Improve Memory Capacity

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Write or type any facts that you think might appear on the test. Make sure that you keep it short and that you write in complete sentences.


Once you’ve finished written your notes, go into a quiet room, shut the door, and eliminate all outside noises.


Then, read the first sentence of your notes out loud. Close your eyes and say the sentence again without looking. Then, repeat this step with the first two sentences.


Next, try it with three. Then four. Keep doing this until you have memorized all of your notes.


Another useful method is to rewrite your notes. This helps process the information while you are writing, enabling you to memorize it more effectively.


When we encode information, we are not only learning the information we are reading, but also our surroundings. This leads to contextual effects. We recall information best in the environment that we learned said information in. This effect also extends to mind-state. For example, if I drink water while studying, I’ll probably remember a lot better when I’m drinking water while taking a test.


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