How to Eliminate Bad Breath

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First step is to always brush your teeth and scrap your tongue every morning. You might want to do this again after taking a nap since bacteria easily builds up in your mouth when you are sleeping, and most likely to cause a nasty “morning breath.” You can easily find tongue scrapers in drug stores.


Then, once you’re done brushing and scraping your tongue, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water. Rinse at least 5-7 times. Once you’ve done rinsing, it is advisable to buy mouthwash. Gurgle the mouthwash for about a minute and then rinse. This ensures that most of the bacteria that can cause odors are eliminated.


After completing steps 1 and 2, make sure that you drink lots of water and avoid eating something for 30 minutes. Not consuming anything helps complete the cleansing process inside your mouth, which is extremely important for clean smelling breath after each sleep.


Avoid eating food such as onions, garlic, meats, fish, eggs, and poultry. All these can cause notorious bad breath. Instead, try eating fruits and vegetables, as these can help cleanse out your body, resulting in a more improved health .


After eating and drinking something other than water, make sure that you rinse your and gargle with water. If you keep this as a daily routine, you will keep bacteria build up to a minimum. Try running your tongue along the outer surfaces of your teeth, and if you sense any plaque buildup, it’s time that you brush your teeth again. Remember, plaque also contributes to bad breath.


Bad breath can also be caused by indigestion. If the food you ate isn’t processing too well, try to find out what caused your indigestion. Try substituting for fruits and vegetables, as these can effectively wash out the body.


Remember that gum and candy are never adequate solutions to prevent bad breath, when the root cause is from poor hygiene. Making sure that you eat carefully and keeping your mouth and teeth healthy will greatly minimize bad breath.


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