How to Say “I Love You” Through Actions

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Stop off on your way home from work and pick your sweetheart’s favorite “thing.” Whether it be that shirt your baby was telling you about, or a craving of some Haagan-Dazs coffee ice cream, make an effort to show that you care and love her. This doesn’t mean making a big announcement ahead of time to let her know you’re coming. Leave it somewhere so that she can find it.


Send her that secret signal that tells her that you love her. Maybe it’s that one particular wink or look you give to your partner. Maybe it’s the way you caress her when she’s around you. Whatever that signal might be, remember that this beacon of love can end an argument, and remind that you are thinking about your partner.


Another expression of love is to slip a letter or note inside your partner’s purse or jacket. Once you’ve done this, there is no need to ask, “Did you get my note?” Once your baby finds the note, he/she will be touched!


Remember how your partner always told you not to bite your nails? Or all those times she gets mad when you forget to do the chores? Demonstrate that you are trying to fix a bad habit. Make it obvious that you are really trying to fix it. Your actions will speak for itself.


Randomly send one of those “Thinking about you” cards. Show him or her that they’re constantly on your mind. Let them know that they are special. Girls will dig this.


Another bonus from your significant other is to post your anniversary date in a place where your mate will see it. Write it on the calendar in the kitchen or on the bathroom mirror. Make sure it’s somewhere that she can see. Next to the date, write something like, “Best day of my life.”


Last but not least, express an innocent gesture of a gentle touch. Not in the sense to bring out the naughty beast within you, but as a kind gesture of respect and warmth.


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