How to Be a Man-Magnet

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First, don’t go out more than in groups of 3. The bigger the group, the more intimidated a guy becomes. Keeping it around 3 helps a more approachable environment. While a guy comes to have a chat with you, your other two girlfriends can keep themselves company.


Next, be sure to genuinely smile! So easy, right? Well, I can’t emphasis this enough. Not smiling will send off the message that you’re not approachable.


Then, work on the eye contact! This doesn’t mean glaring or giving him your googly eyes. To reel in a potential mate, give him a couple sultry glances. Guys love it when girls look at them. they feel attractive and manly.


Be kind If you can work your magic and reel in that guy who was looking at you across the table, don’t start by asking him what he does. This will send the wrong message that you are a gold digger. Instead of asking for his job, ask for his name, what he likes to do, etc. Be friendly.


Last but not least, try to make some positive small talk with him. This doesn’t mean trash talking your ex or complaining how it’s so hot. Instead, talk about what you like to do, hilarious movies, hobbies, etc. You can always tell your dark-side stories later, so save it until then.


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