How to Increase Views on Ehow Articles

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First off, choose your contents wisely! This will help the search engine to better help capture certain information or phrases when someone is looking up something online. Having the right “key word” attracts the attention of the search engines as well as the traffic onto your site.
Second, use a couple key words in your articles or sites that you will be using repeatedly. Place these valuable key words in the first line of your page. When someone is looking for a keyword online and your articles contains the most, then chances are that your article will be one of the top ten choices for that person to choose from. This allows more attraction onto your site, thus bringing a lot more traffic than you’ve imagined.
Next, submit your URLs to all major online websites including Yahoo, Google, and MSN. This will create a database in the websites and store your URL until someone is looking for them. This also will help generate more traffic.
Then, make sure that your website is simple and easy. Many users will find difficult websites unattractive. Make sure that you enable your users to navigate at ease throughout your website page.
Another effectively yet costly way is to advertise! You can easily advertise using Google adwords, Pay-Per-Clicks, AdSense, link sharing, Facebook, Myspace, and many other forms. Some are free, so make sure you do your research to see which one will yield you the most traffic.
There are many Ebooks out there from successful users who will share their secret ways to increase traffic drastically. Try looking at your local library or online to find these valuable resources.


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