How to Rap

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The first step is to listen to other rappers rap. Listen to their beats of the instrumental. Download a beat of the instrumental online or even try creating your own. You can easily listen to instrumentals on sites such as


The next step is to get a feel of the rhythm of the beat. Just groove. You can also practice by rapping along, so that you can get a feel of how it’s all done.


Start saying words in rhythm and make sure that you try to make it flow by rhyming. When rapping, make sure that you rhyme in your head ahead of time. Work on the flow of your rap- this means that each sentence or line should have the same number of syllables.


In order to increase the skill and use of vocabulary words, look up words and synonyms in dictionaries. Having a more broader vocabulary enables you to vast reference in which you can refer to. Be sure to also learn slang in urban dictionaries. This is a must if you want to be a contemporary rapper.


Listen to different types of rap music. This helps you expand your creativity as well as a feel and introduction to other types of rap music. You can then pull various ideas and try to create your own.


Try stressing the consonants in your rap. If you rap like you are talking, it will be hard to understand.


Make sure that you always write and edit everyday. This will help generate new ideas and thoughts for you go build your rapping on. Freestyle everyday as well with friends or yourself. Practice is a key element in rapping. Rap about things around you. Just rap and practice.

Last but not least, the best rappers have a passion in what they do. Whether you are trying to get a point across or just free-styling, rappers know what they are talking about. Analyze rappers and try to get a feel of their styles. Rap night and day! It takes a long time to become a good rapper, but with lots of practice, your rapping might sound better than most!


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