How to Last Happily Ever After

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First, try to find a shared goal or dream together. Best couples never lose sight of what they are both trying to achieve. They have shared vision, and what to accomplish things as one. When you work as a team, it is a whole lot easier to accomplish that goal and make it come true.


Learn to pick your fights Second, learn how to pick your fights. Fighting is very common in every relationshipmag-glass_10x10.gif . This is why couples have to learn how to fight without destroying each other. Couples who fight “right” try to lessen the tension. Even if you fight a lot, you can turn something bad into something positive. Giving a smile, apologizing and being the better person, and even showing a bit of appreciation for your mate can really create a more soothing environment. The point is, you do not want to stay in the storm for too long.


Balance your life together Try to find a balance between time for you and time for two. When two couples are always together, they can somewhat feel smothered and stuffed. Married couples with children mostly tend to share family time together. Couple times a month, try to find the time for the two of you to go on a quiet date without the kids. Go watch a movie, hold hands, and just have a good time together.


Be each other’s best friend Happy couples are each other’s best friends. They know that they can count on each other all the time. They respect each other and accept the person for the way he or she is. There is no judging and you do not try to change them in any way. It’s easy to see that when you’ve been with someone for a while, you become a mind reader. You know what makes them happy, what types of things that will make them happy, and the way you can tell when you meet eye eye, without exchanging a word. This thing is, be accountable for each other.


You do not know how strong your relationship is until it is tested. Maybe you are facing unemployment. A death in the family. A serious illness. Whatever it might might, be there for one another. I know this is easier said than done. All too often, the stress of a major crisis can pull couples apart. But if you can pull it through together, you might find yourselves a tighter couple than ever before. In times of hardships, couples need to keep each other sane. It’s true that it can be one heck of a ride, but in the end, all that effort and years of tough times will prove to be one of the most happiest moments of a couple’s life.


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