How to Purchase a Used Car

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Are you thinking of getting a used car? You can easily avoid headaches and losing money if you follow a couples offered in this article. The obvious thing you want to do first is to choose what type of car you would like to purchase.


If you can, try to pick a car that fits your needs. If you’re a mother of 4 little kids, you wouldn’t normally want to be driving around in a BMW sports car, unless you have a back up mini-van to carry all of them.


Research your car. Some cars depreciate drastically over a couple years, bringing the value of the car to pretty much nothing. Check any recalls of the vehicle you are planning on purchasing. You don’t want to be visiting the auto shop all the time, right? ConsumerReports magazine offers a maintenance guide that shows the repairs and history of each vehicle. You can easily obtain one at your local store.


Next, consider insurance is you do purchase the car of your likings. How much will it be? Is the price too high? Will it fit within your budget? Make sure you know what type of coverages you’ll be receiving. This includes bodily injury liability, property damage , uninsured motorist protection, etc.


Before heading on over to the dealers, do another thorough research of the vehicle. How many miles per gallon can it go? Does it have enough horsepower to help you overcome hilly areas? How safe is the car? The internet provides a lot of useful information relating to your vehicle. Look for the good and and bad points of your vehicle.


Next, find out how much the car is fetching in the market right now. This way, you can leave room to haggle and not be ripped off by the


If you do spot a car that you like, make sure that you test drive it for about 20-30 minutes. You want to make sure that the car is perfect that that nothing is wrong with anything. Inspect for any leaks, signs of corrosion, accident-prone spots, cracks, etc. Make sure you ask for a copy of a Carfax report. It is highly advisable that you bring in a mechanic to inspect the vehicle before considering to purchase it.


Finally, most people considering financing when purchasing a vehicle. Know that shorter term will help save you money. See how much APR the dealer is offering. If it is too high, you can try to find your own independent bank with a lower APR. Also, check to see if you can squeeze in any warranties for the vehicle. Most cars that are less than 3 years/36k miles have factory warranties on them.


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