How to Kill Ants with Masking Tape

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How annoying is it when we walk right into the kitchen, only to see trails of ants invading all over the kitchen? We’ve all been there, and the most efficient way seems to be to just wash them away (if applicable) or to spray toxic chemicals at them. Now, there is a VERY simple way to get rid of these little pests .


Get a hold of tape. The wider the better, so try using masking or duct tape. Cut a good piece of tape, preferably about a foot or so long.


Then, grab either ends of the tape and start sticking ants onto it! You could also wrap the tape around your hand and start smacking them on.


Once you feel that you cannot stick anymore ants onto the tape, simply remove and throw away. Repeat the process until all of the ants are captured and destroyed by your sticky tape.


This way provides an extremely safe and harmless environment, as well as an easy way to get rid of everyday pests that plague us in our homes!


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