How to Capture a Lizard

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Look for a place where a lot of lizards are lingering around. Try to get as much background information about the lizard because you do not want to capture a poisonous one and end up being in the hospital. See what types of things your lizard likes to eat, information regarding its environment, etc. You can find information online as well as books about different types of lizards.


Purchase an aquarium that can hold at least 10-15 gallons of water. This what you will use to capture the lizard as well as providing it a comfortable and well-adapted environment to live in.


Next, you must create a trap for the lizard to fall for so that you can catch it. Place the aquarium near the area where a lot of the lizards are at. Most lizards like sunny and warm places, so try placing it near these areas.


Tip the aquarium on its side and place a couple meal worms inside the aquarium. Lizards love worms and will most likely fall for this trap. Keep a keen eye on the aquarium. When the lizard enters the trap, quickly turn the aquarium upright and you have captured your lizard.


In the meantime, place the lizard in another container so that you can create the perfect environment for your lizard in the aquarium. Also, purchase a fluorescent light for your new pet . Enjoy!


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