How to Maintain Your Car During the Winter

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Starting and maintaing winter car care is the key to a healthy car during the winter months.  Winter time is the worst time to have something go wrong with your car, especially if you have children.

First Check:    Bring your car to a mechanic.  Ask him to check all of your hoses, belts, fluids, brakes, and defrosters.  Ask him to check that all rubber door sealers are in place to provide the least amount of leaks into the cab of your car. 

Second Check:    Make sure your battery is NO MORE than 3 years old.   The cold temperatures reduce the battery’s cranking power. 

Third Check:    Make sure all your car’s outside lights work.  Your headlights, brake lights, and emergency lights need to be working for ultimate visibility during the winter storm season.

Fourth Check:    Change your tires.  Snow tires are a must during the winter season.  If live in an area where you get a lot of snow, you may want to have them put studs in your tires, or get tire chains, as well.

Fifth Check:   Clean your car at least once a week.  Clean your windshield, wipers and mirrors.  Make sure you clean off any extra snow or ice built up on your headlights and tailights.  


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