How to Cheat-Proof your Relationship/Marriage

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Why do people cheat? Although there are infinite possibilities, a common reason for infidelity is because he/she wants to feel important and cared for. When one feels left out and under appreciated, it’s easy to sway and go to someone who actually provides that feeling of worth and appreciation.


Although there is no real concrete way to truly eliminate temptations of infidelity, there are ways to keep your relationshipmag-glass_10x10.gif alive and well. First of all, a good defense is a good offense. Make sure you really know your partner. Did he/she cheat in a previous relationship? Past behaviors can sometimes predict what lies ahead. Remember,


Next, ask some of your friends why they cheated. Not surprisingly, you’ll hear over and over that they were feeling neglected, their sex life was non-existent, didn’t feel appreciated- all of which could be fixed. Most spouses who have been cheated on have no idea that their partner was dissatisfied.


Be honest with your partner. Be direct about feelings and have him/her do the same. Always know how your partner is feeling and what things you could both work on to make the relationship more exciting. Honesty keeps a relationship going and healthy .


Although there aren’t any guarantees that your partner will not cheat, a bit of effort can bring the best out of a relationship. Give encouragement, go on weekly dates together, compliment each other, bring laughter and surprise activities. The bottom line is, every human being wants to feel cared for, loved, and treated with respect.


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