How to Date Korean Women

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First step, watch out from your Korean woman! Korean women LOVE to feed their men! They’ll make you look so undesirable that no girl in her right mind would want to see you naked. You can tell if a man has been in a long term relationshipmag-glass_10x10.gif simply by seeing how chubby his face is.


Step two, get ready to hold onto your girl’s purse wherever you go. It is less embarrassing than having her complaing, ” so and so’s boyfriend is carrying it” or maybe even “don’t you love me babyyyyy” and even ” my arm hurts… carry it for me babyyy.” I warned you, watch out!


Next, be nice to her sisters, friends, mother, grandma, great-great grandma, aunt, etc. They can become your friends or enemies. Trust me, mess with a wrong Korean girl and she will rip you like there’s no tomorrow.


Then, watch out for that materialistic beast that lies within each Korean girl’s hearts, including designer brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Chanel, and the list goes on forever. Remember your 100th day, 300th day, etc. Prepare to give her presents on special occasions. In other words, be rich. If you’re not, have the appearance of being rich. And one more thing, NEVER downgrade. Once you give her a gift, the next one has to be something better.


When out at a restaurant, pretend you did not see her stuff her face. Most Korean girls’ stomachs have no bounds and limitations. She was lying when she said she wasn’t hungry when you first took her out on a date. Once she went home, she busted out her rice bowl, mixed it with hot sauce and downed everything with a can of beer. Beware.


Never check out another girl in front of your Korean girl. She has eyes that are like hawks and will notice if you are even giving the slightest hint of checking out a different girl. If you do get caught, your first words better be ” Baby, that is one UGLY looking girl. Let’s go to Chanel.”


Then, kiss your girl friends goodbye. Your Korean girlfriend will never trust you with the opposite sex lingering about you. And don’t expect to pull the same stunt to your girlfriend. She’ll reply by saying that they are “ONLY FRIENDS” and there is nothing you can stop that. Defeat is common.


That boy’s night you planned out with your friends? “What am I going to do?” The restaurant dinner you have with your mom? “What am I going to eat ?” Trying to relax in your house? “Don’t you feel comfortable with me?” The point is, basically say goodbye to everyone.


Last but not least, if you decide to change your mind about dating a Korean girl, remember, there is always the option of dating a white girl!


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