How to Make Money on Ehow Writing Articles

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Step 1
First, go to and register. On the top of the website, you will see 7 tabs. Click on the one that says “Write.” You will be taken to a new screen with “Register with Ehow.” Click Register and follow the instructions. It will also ask you for a Paypal email account, so make sure you go to and create an account/email. You will receive your payments via Paypal.
Step 2
Next, once you’ve registered, spend some time to create your personal profile. This will help welcome other new friends as well as provide a little background of yourself. Make sure to add a picture of yourself.
Step 3
Now that you have created your account, get started by writing an article! Come up with a catchy introduction as well as an interesting topic. Make sure that you always add a main picture to attract traffic to your site as well as help you increase your earnings. Keep each steps short and concise, as well as straight to the point. Try adding tips and warnings as well.
Step 4
Once you’re done, publish your article. Then, go out and make some friends. Browse different other members and make sure you check their websites as well as rate/comment them before adding them to your friends. Building friendships with other members will help increase your earnings.
Step 5
Try registering to different blogs and networking sites. This will help gain traffic into your sites as well as increase your earnings. Provide links to your sites as well!
Step 6
Lastly, the best way to earn money is to keep on writing. It might be slow and arduous at first, but once you keep going, you will see your earnings rise as more traffic will occur on your website!


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