How to Deal with a Break Up

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Step 1
Break ups are really painful, regardless of all the different reasons why you broke up. The person whom we have treated as our world and loved so much just seemed to have disappeared and have become totally strangers with. You will feel empty, hatred, extreme pain, and sadness, along with other emotions, and those are all true and normal. The bottom line is, it’s okay to express your emotions. It’ll help you move on later on.
Step 2
So you just went through a break up with your significant other. What do you do? Well, before I get started, breaking up at night is always the worst. It might be hard for you to reach to friends but regardless, there way certainly ways to deal with this break up of yours.
Step 3
Most break ups are planned and have been well thought of before actually delivering the dreaded words. After the break up, make sure that you tell your ex that you will not call nor receive any calls. You will not be visiting nor will you be even attempting to call for whatsoever reason. This is to help you in the process of healing.
Step 4
Call up your close friends and spend time with them. Friends help each other understand and express their care and concern for you. Even better, there are friends out there who can share their experiences with you, so that you feel as if you are not alone. Go out, shop, hang out, watch movies, do whatever to get your mind off of your ex.
Step 5
Always do something so that you won’t have to spend time wondering what your ex might be doing, etc. There will be times of trials when you will be greatly tempted to call your ex, but I warn you, do NOT and RESIST calling him/her. It will only make you feel more miserable and the process of healing will have to start all over from the beginning.
Step 6
I know it’s hard not to call someone that you’ve been around with so much and probably the person that you used to give you heart to. I know because I’ve been there many times, and had my share of many heart breaks. However, you need to think about yourself and how you can deal with this better and help yourself become stronger. Cut ALL contact from your ex and just keep your life busy.
Step 7
Slowly, you will start to think about your ex a bit less every day, but this only comes if you always keep yourself busy. Then one day, you will realize that you haven’t thought about your ex as much as you used to. You realize that you do not have to rely on your ex for happiness and that you are what makes yourself happy.
Step 8
Give yourself a couple months to fully heal your heart. If you still feel the need and urge to talk to your ex, do so. But ONLY do this if you still believe that you can work things out and ONLY if you believe that you realize that you really do not need him in order to make you happy.
Step 9
Certain things happen for different reasons that we may never understand. Break ups can be one thing. You feel as if you are going to marry and live happily ever after with the one you love, but sometimes different outcomes can happen. Whatever it is and whoever you might be with, know that true happiness lies within yourselves. Its not the people around you that shape you and make you happy, but yourself.
Step 10
To sum what I’ve said, it’s not ever easy going through a break up. And no matter who you go to to find comfort, you probably won’t find one. It’s not like there’s a book or medicine that will make you feel all better. Breaking up takes time to heal, and only through time, will you realize that the break up wasn’t as bad as you thought it’d be. Life goes on, and if it was meant to be, two lovers will always meet together sometime along the road.


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