How to Save Car Gas Money

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Racers tend to “rev” their engines with one another. A good idea is to not to “rev” your engine for any reason. Doing so will waste your fuel .
Buy denser gas! This means buy your gas early in the morning or late at night, when it is cooler outside. Because gas is denser when it’s cold, doing so will give you more for your bucks.
Driving slow and steady is the key to use your fuel efficiently. Instead of going 70-80mph on the freeway, try slowly down a bit to 65mph.
Key your windows down when you achieve speeds greater than 40mph. Air resistance and drag can slow your car down, putting more work on your engine.
Drive on smooth roads. Driving on bumpy and rocky roads actually can reduce your gas mileage .
Only turn on your air conditioner when it is necessary. These can use up a lot of your fuel.
Lose the unnecessary weight inside your car. The more your car weighs, the more fuel and gas it’s going to use.
Step8 Try to carpool if you can! Not only will this provide a cleaner environment, you will also be saving a lot of gas. Try to carpool with friends if you go to school together. Try taking the bus if your work is near. If applicable, ride your bike or simply walk.


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