Save using coupons

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The bad economy has alot of us trying to save money these days.  Well one way is to start clipping those coupons, Some people think it’s a waste of time.  I used to hate going to the store with my aunt when she used coupons now I thank her for it.  You can get coupons in your local Sunday paper.  Alot of stores will even double coupons up to .50 cents making them a $1.00.  Thats a great way to get some items free or really cheap. Some stores even double coupons up to .99 which is even better.  Walgreens and Cvs also have coupons for items in their ads for their store. Plus you can use a manufactor coupon to get an even better deal.  Even if you don;t need the item right now start stocking up.  My closet is so full of items I got free or almost free using coupons.  Some stores will let you use internet coupons but you will want to check with your local stores. I have cut my grocery bill down so much I just love it. So check out your ads and start clipping. If you need more information check this out. 


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